Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So much news!

So much good news to share, including quite a few new wonderful write-ups and reviews from around the world:

Wow! Made it onto the "Dean's List - Highest Achievers" in INsite Magazine Atlanta's Entertainment Monthly, "...blending amazingly childlike innocence with time-honed pop smarts."

And top grades from critic Tom Hull on his wonderful blog: "Cucumbers girl Deena Shoshkes keeps hanging in there, releasing records every couple years with a few songs that remind you of the great album she and Jon Fried released in 1987, but never this many before. The first song I noticed here was the one with her riff on Superman the slob, but after several plays it's slipped behind the pack, mostly put over by her giant smile of a voice. A- [cd]"

From Belgium,  Rootstime: "Deena truly is a great songwriter and excellent vocalist who can immediately grab you with her voice from song number one and she will not let loose before all tracks on the record have been played.”

And Germany! RockTimes".  "...quite tender and sympathetic... harmonious and melodic.."

Our Midwest tour was jam packed, and in addition to club appearances we played live on WILL-FM Illinois Public Radio and on Red Dragon TV, and gave two in-depth interviews to Smile Politely and the News-Gazette

We returned from the tour to find out that "Rock River" entered the Roots Music Report Alternative Rock Chart at #7!

Feeling so very grateful!

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