Friday, June 4, 2021

"The Desk Drawer Tapes" New/Old Music From The Cucumbers!

Today's the official release date for "The Desk Drawer Tapes" - Dedicated with love and thanks to the musicians we played with on these recordings: John Williams, Yuergen Renner, Brett Ollerenshaw, Steve Villano, Steve Foreman, Joshua Fried, Dave Ross, Kurt Wrobel, EdNo, Amy Rigby, Ben Williams, Daniel Sugarman, the engineers who recorded, mixed and mastered: Scott Ansell, Real Tom Lucas, Rob Friedman, Knut Bøhn, Paul Wickliffe, Roger Moutenot, Scott Anthony, lyricist: David L Graham, and cover artist: Ann Shoshkes Available now for download on bandcamp - for streaming on spotify, apple music and more.

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